Charlotte, NC, USA

Ransomware - the Ultimate Test for Cyber Resiliency

With its ability to shut down an entire business and prevent it from executing its mission, ransomware has become an omnipresent threat -- and the ultimate test of an organization's cyber-resilience. What are the bad actors doing? In the latest findings from X-Force Threat Intelligence, we saw it was the most popular attack type in 2021, making up 21% of all incidents. IBM Security's hundreds of engagements with ransomware related attacks have allowed us to gain a thorough understanding of each attack phase -- and how it tests almost every aspect of our defense and response capabilities.


So how can organizations learn from it to adapt and test not just their security programs, but their organization-wide cyber resiliency? Join IBM for a roundtable discussion to understand the tactics needed to disrupt these intrusions, and the strategies you should employ to maintain at least a minimum level of organizational function and mission.



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